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Musa Raymonvil

We ensure our clients feel snatched and relaxed during their luxury post operative care.

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As the CEO and Founder of Luxe Body Recovery, I have over 10 years of diverse nursing experience.  I have worked with a plethora of post-surgical patients with specialized needs for recovery. I pride myself in giving my clients and patients top tier experiences while providing the safest environment and ethical practices. Our mission is to encourage  self-confidence during every step of your post-op process.

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Choosing to invest in a better version of yourself is a huge step. At Luxe Body Recovery, we want to protect your investment and give you the peace of mind you deserve.  We believe in giving you the best care in Miami/Broward, when choosing our elite services!
We focus on 5 key principles:
   -efficient & effective recovery practices
   - a positive and uplifting environment
   - 100% transparency

When You Choose Luxe Body Recovery

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Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar
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Hey Luxe Dolls.png
Hey Luxe Dolls.png

Leisure One 
Day Package

Luxe Two Day Package

$800/ 16 Hours

Lavish Three Day Package

$1050/ 20 Hours

$450/ 8 Hours

 Two Consecutive Days
of 8 Hour Care 

Three Consecutive Days of 8 Hour Care and 4 Hours on Final day

8 Hours of Luxury
Post-Op Care

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Thorough Health Assessment


Luxe Body Recovery always completes a comprehensive

head-to-toe assessment by a nurse practioner. This provides you with the best insight into your  physical status post surgery.  This will ensure proper healing while also ruling out the presence of complications.

Vital Checks & Monitoring


Throughout your stay we preform multiple vital checks.

Vital signs are crucial for predicting and preventing any medical issues, which ensures our client 's well-being and the peace of mind.


Assistance with Personal
Care & 

We make the first days of recovery easy! The last task you want to figure out is how to shower, toilet or change your garments. With our assistance we teach you the proper ways and techniques to prevent / reduce the risk of your surgical wounds becoming infected.


Education & Guidance

Luxe Body prides itself in giving our clients the knowledge needed  to take the best care of themselves after our services. We want you to love your results and the investment it took to get to the body you love. We'll provide you with step-by-step  guidance on maintaining the best results. You also receive a follow up check-in with our nurse practitioner.

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